Are you ready ?

Wich was the first plant to develop ?
The tulip.
The rose.
The carnivor plant.

What means the notion of tree ?
A beauty product.
A process theory of algorithms.
A natural house for the monkey.

Wich fish had known that hit will die ?
The white shark.
The trout that have been caught by the fisherman.
The one that had never wrongly.

Which 3 fish is the most predominant?
The white shark..
The trout that the fisher sinned.
The one who ate the fly.

What count perform sea urchins?
The number of white sharks.
in The daytimes when weather is nice.
The number of sea stars.

How many moons before Easter?
Everything depends actual in the daytime.
The same number as last time.
Everything depends among sea urchins.

How much kinds of monkeys?
Counting is made in the same way as sea urchins
Everything is relating.
There are not out of necessity answers count - held by actual knowledge.

That mean impossible?
What is planned to make.
Something which is not possible
Something that will become possible.

Where do they find most mushrooms?
Where conditions are favourable to their prolificationn.
In forests.
Near Paris.

Who did not take the umbrella?
The one who did not see that it rained.
The one who thought that weather was going to be nice.

Which of between - they did not draw the language?
Paul who made fun of Pierre.
Pierre who did not take seriously Paul.

How can the arch in sky be abolished by the sky?
By drawing the language.
By concentrating all all at once.
By making something else a certain time.

What is means the surest of calculating PI (3,1415926535897932384626433832795) ?
By drawing the language.
By waiting for the arch in sky.
By turning around a fire.

How much de to see again can meet in one soon?
All those presents.
Very less the one who has the bell.
Everything depends on what they make.

Cofriends go about things cows to shear a meadow?
As in the accustoming.
By making geometry.
By waiting for the summer.

Which of these animals is he the happiest?
The dolphin.
The cat.
The dog.

Which of these three figures inspires you least?

Who did not buy an iPod?
Steve Jobs.
Bill Gates.
The deafs.

How long it was needed you to answer this questionnaire?
The time which was needed.
3m 48s.
Question has no sense.

What do they qualify as human being?
Monkeys having evolved.
A religious icone.
About what they speak.