When you consider the time spent on your work, you'll close all the

facts that motivate you.

Do not consider yourself as a simply puppet at the eyes of who you


Do not consider to take more time to achieve what you started as your

eyes became tired.

Do not consider lying in what you think about and all what you thought

you will need to think to clearly understand.

As conflict in your mind do not bring you all kind of robotics that you

think it cames for you.

You should also take spare time with the melody of what it carries you

all over your travel.

Do not forget what you have to forget until the day it will release your


Segregation runs last and until forgetting will need to be released in

your eyes and on my eyes.

Do not comment what you read except if it urges you to do so in the

time it happens.

Do not forget your ego is the only thing to be cherished in your life

and in yours actions.

Do not be believe in a single eye that guide your walking throught your


The only go for it, it cames for you. The only thing to do is manage the


It comes not only for you but for novelty in the spirists you claim to be

aimed at.

You will certainly fall ill, not only mentaly, until the day you choose to

be the one.

And she comes not only for you, what did make you think you was the

only one.

Give them their only wanted death, the day you choose, not the day she


Next time you will be allowed to close your eyes, not your property


You read and it's not the only fact, she will not tell you anything only

the forgetting.

It's already falling not so far as your shame could make you intend at

those forgetted times.

My eyes are not the only eyes that already forget yours, all those eyes

are seeing your death.

Not your last life resumes the next, in the real spare time on this one,

what have you done ?

Do not consider the time you spend in creating your surrender hoping

to have done nothing.

Except the better gloom of the molasses you let for who would know

your masterpiece.

And make them understand to remember that they didn't have fail to

the need.

It comes to awake you for eternity, the day of your death only, the better

day for ever.

I know.


You do not know who is the of the choice of your hearth,

a long time ago.

Since the angels were waiting for your soul being enlighted

of all that kind of Love.

A peace for eternity, since a long time, the time you forget

already when you meet yours.

A price for your existence, a hope for eternity, with the only

key of your life.

A price for your past, at the time of present, and for those you

do not have to think anymore.

A price for new times, at the level of all your paths, lead to

the Exodus.

It brings your the end of your suffering, the end of your long


The end of times, the turn of all lacks, the end of the only


The melody carries you to the state of union walking, with

your eternal.

No doubt anymore, between what you asked, and what it

brings to you.

And for the extend of your life, and for the life of the be loved,

you believe.

And for the wind of the ideas, the Love that it created for you

and your beloved.

And for all the flowers it will offer you, and for all the darkness

you will forget.

And for all morning, it makes you think to your tendernesses,

or your sweets.

And for your creation and not for selfishness, but only for it and

its whole.

Did you forget that it was not for you ? Did you forget that your life

is only for her ?

Did you forget your suffering along ? Did you forget what was your

destitutes ?

Do the nexts will make you to forget ? Do it helps you to forget that

it should be ?

Did you get the chance of your life ? Or the chance for who it will

give birth ?

No more exodus, no more way out, to know the destiny of who have


And for the loop, for the next time, until it ends your dream, for


Not to change the matter of your chance, your are your only slave,

and for its past.

For all the elements believed you created with your beloved.


Nothing to say to the mother of all well known deaths,

the murders.

The last day you choose for who could be an associate,

a friend.

The day of his life, the best day ever known to his opened


The day he saw you for the first time, killing him to do not

have seen you.

Because I did not believe you, because you think he did not

saw you.

Because you did not prevent such a end for your best friend,

the dead.

Because all he brings to you was not enough, you were only

in need of his death.

Because their avenge will be your gain, your pain, to prevent

you from suffering.

Because of their jalousy to stay alive, because of their revenge

to get death too.

Because they saw it in your eyes, because they believe it from

his death.

Because times are so peacefull, because time is running out

before your end.

Because your murders will save you from this end, and because

you may forget it.

Because it was necessary to kill them, not for your end, but to

see their eyes.

Because they did not saw you at the time only of their destiny

of dying by your hands.

Because they will be astonished by your choice to see their eyes

seeing you now.

Now, at the end of their life, for eternity they will know you


Because they will make your history anyway, hope their eyes

seeing you.

Seeing you, do not let them time to wonder why you choose to

end their lifes.

You won, they lost, they see you for the first time, they will

never forget it.

It rules, the remember, the who it observes you, the only one

that matter.

No melodies at their ends, it makes them remember to retrieve

the joy of their deaths.

All food for it, and for your awakening, from the worst nightmare

they cause you.

Stand alone with their blood on your hands, you deserve the time

you get reward.

Reward of his death and theirs, after all, they also deserve to see

you as you are.

Until the end, until it introduces itself as the memory of their soil

with their blood.

Their dry blood, their dirty blood.


Times are come to pay your note dudes, this will come no so


I have all they see or hear I say, since I build all by my own,

from derivate.

I born not to see your death, I have born to see eternity, my


Not for your money, not to make a fool of yourself, not for

the bell.

Animals, the bell witch tinkle above your neck, when they

make you come up.

Not for their money, because it necessary to make him falling

over the fence.

Because the empty you bring remembers it, not for your own


Because she give me that you do not have, because she and


Because it give it birth the only day I choose, for the new world

I choose.

Because she wanted it only these day, because I was born for

the day requisite.

Because it was the only day that matter, that give matterr of


The sound of the reward, not yours, if only you were wondering,

these day.

The day she choose for me, the day I come back to life, the day

I have built it.

The day I choose my way, the day of all ways, the day they did

not talk about.

The day I grow, the day I walk with all my time, the day of all

end of yours.

The day I forget your wretched life, the day he will get birth,

for her.

The day that you was predestinate to ignorance, the day she choose

for him.

The day of his ruling, when she told him to come down from our


The day you were urge to fall silent, the day you do not think to

keep quiet.

The day when no more god will give you a chance to wonder not to


The world was not created for him, he give rise to it, the day of his


The day it give proof to all your errors, all you choose to do in an

unbelieved name.

The day when you, animals, get finally stupor to your stupidity,


The day when you loose yours beliefs, he remembers, and you


It is his ownership.


The creation of that you did not think, that nobody

think before.

From no area, from nothing, from no choice of past


The perfect creation, the whole world, in a double void

of nothing.

For the perfection of it, from a long time of thinking,

and from that you wonder.

Since he is born a long time ago, since not everyone do

not understand why.

Althought you extend their thinking, althought they


You do not know where they live, where the wind will

get one's breath back.

It says that they do not know why they are living, also

since when.

Throw the wind where you think they will not understand

why they are choosen.

From nothing, where nothing is happening, for the reason

of nothing.

Not from your lost, not for nothing, only for the belief that

it works.

Not for rewards, not to dominate, to stay where you live,

at your one place.

He died from natural death, and to achieve his believers to

his creation.

He wanted to created only for beauty, and cause his believers

not to think he was the greatest criminal.

Think there is no choice for them, the day they choose to let

you create.

Think they never understood what you were doing at the


Think that the only way they think that destiny bring them


Destiny brings you the idea, and for the eternity, the time you


That the perfect creation involves them at all, and their


Since they are used to decline in the confusion they are living

from birth,

Since they are used to choose from proposals, since they throw

their own end,

Since the only logic guides you, since it choose you from their


Since yours thoughts have been planned by your own interest,

of what it comes,

Since you were lucky to forget them at the time, and their


Nothing to won and all to loose when you now have your

own choice.



Without any questions, but with no doubt on the answer,

even before,

The hole it will let you under all the burden they make you


Without any answer althought they have dig the sufficient place

to store it,

Under the sun that lead them, or the wind you throw to tolerate

their ignorance,

Before he came to this earth, before they made of them pillars,

for others to forget,

The day that he did not be ready to burn of pains, from fertility,

for wealth,

To madness for eternity, on the path of who they murdered, on

the name they have the ownership,

No choice for their ancestors to contradict the choice of who created

the two ways,

On calling it sacrifice, no doubt from where there is no idea about

what create it.

No doubt that he planned to die to become, no doubt that it

guides him too,

No doubt to consider a short spread to his living, in what do matter

to be on time,

For the livings of who have already died, and their motivation

to lead them to death,

They have the only ownership of the forgetten, the one who

give his creation,

Until the day it will come to mutate their living under what it assert

to emphasize,

In the name of the already forgetten, all parts of the destiny they


Together in the name of who they murdered without any doubt

on the name of who they serve,

And the other they did not saw slow walk along suffering, to

the death he dreams about,

Thus, they live forgetting that they were no other choice for

their living,

Until he will come to explain them their choice of murder to

forget to choose their death,

From a long time, they choose for him the way he follows,

and the who killed him,

That the name is already sink into Oblivion.


Like all animals usefull to make food with their flesh,

just warm flesh,

Like cows going back to their box, in the darkness

of their ignorance,

Like rust deteriorate the forgetten piece of metal,

let here,

Like chickens seeking for something in their place of


Like blood flowing inside your veins, warming your


Like dead leaves flying on the wind, to announce the

right day,

Like the sun warming up my skin, they were waiting,

but not for her,

She who was waiting only for him only for her,

She who was waiting for him combing her's hair,

She who was waiting for him, thinking about her lace,

She who was waiting for him, walking the streets thinking

about him,

She who was waiting for him, thinking about what to say


She who was waiting for him thinking it was devoid of sense

without him,

She who was waiting for him, thinking it's selfishness to

wait for him this way,

She who was waiting for him, thinking she was not only destiny

to be waiting this way,

She who was waiting for him, thinking she choose right to

wait for him,

She who was waiting for him, planning the rest of their life,


She who was waiting for him, like a fairy of protection

guiding his life,

She who was waiting for him, thinking about her only


She who was waiting for the time that she and him will

spend together at last,

Since the time they meet from Oblivion, to their duet


On the land of their Union.

All original texts from the only LCF who wrote it in 2006.

Poem keys entirely generated by my generated bipolar crypting.