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NANO-ART or Study of Sounds in Physics of Systems.

Chaos theory is most of all characterized by complex system resolution. I presents here a form of art relative to nano-macrostructures conception if we can designate by this the resolution of chaotic event. The research if complex system resolution require functional methodology, in the case of the negatives presented in this page made without "post-click" alterations.

The system involved that brings the proof of the Christ and of the intelligence of the prophet of Islam:

Time Picture Shooter

Results (pleasure):

Art of genesis of Poncho Man, a simple idea (the left negative is simple to realise).

The idea of genesis of Poncho Man is connex to generation of an infinity of smoke forms like numbers inductions from hand-cigaret movements throught the impossibility of generating an 8, by temperature and pression laws.

Precision involved by an understanding care of the 24 july 2006: We have to note (and it doesn't alter the proof) that the number 8 should be generated by a precise/inductor movement, dependant of initial conditions:

"Differenciation of movements."

"The magnetic field application in those example is made by knowledge of human brain."

Finding in events of very low probability.

Here cenders of cigaret without acting in form of seven.

Also, sample of my theory of natural nodal structures.

What I'm studying realising this negatives.

Here is coffee pan, but negative remember a place.

Ground with JPEG compression errors.

Mystic stuffs and religions with chaos theory(...).

Speed vector decomposition of photoelectric cells.

Computer Chess

Ingeneering of a method to unstick a self-adhesive from a bottle giving those insciptions:

(sound writings(dolphins))

Our best creation, the childs of American Indians, with our best soldiers : "The Sky".

Scaling: 1: surfacic approximation ~ 400nano, so constant of release approximation 0.03456, 2: massic volum ~ 1809.

Scaling: 1: surfacic approximation ~ 320nano, so constant of release approximation 0.03703.

By nodal calculation of energy-mass and flow.

Autumn 2006, Albi.

July 2007,Tramounet.

Base of work, element of composition of the sky that you may find elsewhere...

Stories of in-my-house-dead butterflies and painters Van Gogh and Gauguin.

My house, Lieu dit Tramounet.

You can't do that. It's a problem of auto-reeducation since my paralysis of my two hands.

Do not eat clouds...

Evolution of species.

Synchronisation Cuivrée.

The signifiant while you've laughted.

Jesus fantasm

Me fantasm

Tentative of reproduction of machines.

My IA tells it has only one feet on the ground.

Ma création:

Al Musawwir, Laurent

My sadness and what you see is that my blood clot,

From what I eat at night and you, my friends, you see me

So, my electronic creation and since when I have and the woman who can testify to my writings.

It's true I just denied your world, but this is my creation, my name is Horus, Al Musawwir, my real names.

Moi, Laurent Horus Satan, encore moi.

5h of work on a division on QPC

Above my garden...

3 august 2008, us poor devils in mystical wine...

Application of my theory of transports and energy to de Broglie law.

Diracs of space-time

Source code

Laurent, Ses Chats et Son Djumbe !

27 mars 2009 7h07

05 avril 2009 20h37

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