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MY PLEASURE PAGE (or Underground Nobel Prize)

...Smartness doesn't aggregate, it balances.

"You are allowed to read my french sayings."

"We need only 3 consonants per languages, something that is BIG !"

"Isn't it good to think that main things are done, not well, but done, with all respect to ALL DEADS."

"Drivers on the HADES road are welcomes to make Vista works on closed notebook with sensitive mouse !"

"Greatings specially for Linux environmentalist, and The Prince that will bring Linux version of 3D MESH BLACKSMITH to Ubuntu !"

"I'm fond with me. I'm a great super-father !"

"Divide by zero !"

"What could we "do" if we encouter zero, please ?"

"Try to divise by my reign ! SOMETHING RRRRREEEEAAAALLLL !"

"Wait a moment..."

"BONUS for Who read firsts, he won the right to buy my alchemical - paintings ! I've sacrified my brainself with Chretian Baby's Rituals ! BUY !"

Great Saying: "Quantification of matter you've owned is essential to your life !"

"Be a contribuable of the Empire NOW ! BUY my stuffs !"

"From 7 we will go to to 28+1 ! All we will be given until now ! I'm 9, we should be at 10 from my non-logical birth, the only planned by Jesus Christ, The prophet and Bouddha. Learn please after buying in mass. Reading after BUY for business MEN."

"Ben ouais, ya que les femmes qui sont capables d'économies..."

"Trying to steal France's Chicken is future Crimes over the Humanity. Look even at Mexico's."

"I'm crying."

"You are or will be victims of auto-hypnoses. See French pages about. It's crucial."

"They will be never a President that do sacrifice on himself as we should have known."

"BUY 3D MESH BLACKSMITH ! The position of this is crucial of my 293 IQ."

"Je maintiens que nous aurions pu éviter d'humilier notre belle langue en mai 68." LC,F / HORUS

Rescue cooking:

   Gratine cassoulet cooking !


   A sympathic video !

   Cuneiform tablets



Alors en ce jour j'exerce mon autorité. La matière est immuable.

Personne ne refera le passé. Voyez MON expérience. Cherchez plutôt ce que vous essayez d'oublier.

Eternis Eternaum.

My brain is mine.

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