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...Nihilist ? Just a little bit to know that I think !

Dear liver of Toris...of fire and gold...

Dear liver of Toris...lost...

Welcome to Meyia !

Houra ! for Isis.

"Grimaces Twenty Seven from Laurent"

"Sacre de Laurent"

IQ TEST (Final result to 240 IQ)

LAURENT HORUS SATAN LOUIS, Laurent Cance Francis born the 10th of august 1975 in Albi.

God pharaoh, Noble. Son of the Moon, Father Horus.

Neuroscientific, Genetician, Chaotician, Informatician, Physician, Mathematician, Naturalist, Shaman, Writer, Poet, Musician, Painter, Sexologist, Parapsychologist, Antipsychiatrist, Sociologist, Economist, Historian, Anthropologist, Alchimist, Theologian, Anarchist.

Disciplinary Major of Informatics, Statutory od Nationnal Polytechnic Institute, Grade of Physics.

My course is self-taught, in consideration of computer, theorist, and engineering brain.

Terminale E Mention, 25mn of work per month.

Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles, 1h / week SUP, 15h / SPE (making of Stars Wonders of the World).

BAC+3 Informatiques à l'ENSEEIHT with a 20/20, 4h of work the year.

BAC+3 Physiques (relatively to M. Penrose writings), too tired with my healed stomach cancer 25h of work (and study of experimental models).

You will found some ideas in this web site relatively.



Occidental Alphabet is only the linear application with zeros of isomorphic applications of homeomorphisms of Voronoi diagrams.

Given two number, a lottery number is orphelin to meromorphism of group.

This site give parts of my creations:

The APOM(en français):

   The APOM of LCF (au format de fichier PDF)

Virtual Hermetism, 3D modeling, 3D game maker, demo maker:

Dead Deer

Prods (WIN32):

   The Cartoon Fish 2015 by LCF (runs under XP or DOSBOX) Video

   The Last Day of Lego Armada by LCF (runs under XP or DOSBOX) Video

   The "Groovies!" by LCF       !! WILDLIFE !!

My Version of the Game of Life:

   Game of Life by LCF


An Element of Dreams:

   "Meeting with The Creator" by LCF

   Some explanations about my "NanoArt":  Nano Art by LCF

The New:

   "Void" by LCF

   "Atomishae" by RGB Urban Corporate

   "Acidulae" by RGB Urban Corporate

Time exploration machine prototype of synthesis of Horus, the Sky. (Proof that time do not exists)




   "Horus II"

   "White Moon"








   "Chevrolet" (MacOSX)



The Latest by Barti/LCF:

   Cross Platform Demo "So Called Time As a Space" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

   Cross Platform Demo "Ganjiss" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

   Cross Platform FPS Demo "SkullTown Adventures" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

   Cross Platform Action Heroic Fantasy Game Demo "Succub'Forest" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

The Oldies Pack by LCF:

   "Huge Crowd" Pack by LCF    Huge Surprise!    (Sources)

   "CoB" Pack by LCF    Another Surprise!

The Prescient Module Player (PMP) by LCF:

A program to visualize your musics (in .ogg .xm .mod file format) in the style disco (in fullscreen).

   PMPv2.0 Install(WIN32) by LCF       !! GRATIS !! NO VIRUS !! NO SPYWARE !! GRATIS !!

Win Zoom XP 2007 by LCF:

A program to zoom and move active windows by hot keys.

   WinZoomXP2007(win32 zip) by LCF

   WinZoomXP2007 Ready !!!!


Picture Viewer by LCF:

A simple program that allows yoy to visualize pictures in formats PNG, PCX, LBM, JPG, JP2, GIF and TGA.

   Picture Viewer 2.3 (win32 zip) by LCF

Divine Lights by LCF:

   Divine Lights (win32 zip) by LCF

Barti's shadows:

A simple program that allows yoy to visualize shadows under windows.

   Barti's shadowing (win32 zip) by LCF    (sources)

Funky 2007 by LCF:

A program of drawing of y=f(x) functions.

   Funky2007(win32 zip) by LCF

Work in progress by LCF:

   Projects       !! ART OF CODING !!

   Some 3D Special Effects

The Magnificient source code of The Cartoon Fish by LCF:

You will need Tasm and Tlink to build the demo and UPX to finalise in 4ko...

   Full Assembler Source Code of "The Cartoon Fish"       !! HAPPY !!

The sport invented by LCF:

   Encart Sport       !! FUN !!



The poem page of LCF:


A.I. Some Explanations:

   Pattern recognition

   Decision algorithms

   Algorithmic of extended genealogy

   Mathematics of task realisation




   "The Pattern Recognition Machine"       !! PEANUT !!

   Oldschool Pattern recognition


   Height map from normal map (FR)

   Medial axis (FR)

   Nurbs (FR)

   Neighborhoods (FR)

   Particles volums (FR)

   Face recognition (FR)

   Stencil Buffer Shadowing (FR)

   E.R.L. Voxels and Volumes (FR)

   Twice time execution processors

   Artificial Intelligence, Proof of verity table in logic

Genetical Genius, Physic of System, Various Explanations (see french pages for more):

   Transports and energies (Systran translate)   See what to solve in the meantime with the algorithm : NanoArt

   Transports and energies, Modelisation, Transmutations

   Transports and energies and Psychology : "L'auto-hypnose"

   Correction of modern Physic : Proof of deformation of space time by mass.

   Chaos : Nanoart on creation

   Wormholes : The mathematics.

   Anthropologic Picture

   Orbes, DNA.


   Noding Modules

Application of my theory to de Broglie's law:

   Diracs de l'Espace-temps

   Source code

   Natural Cloning

   Note about Life

Mathématics of possessions (in french):


Mona et Lisa (sans parole):

   What the lovely...

Notes of interest:

   When we were creating "No" and "Stars: Wonders of the world" with NoOoN, we tought about hits of quality and originality, and so, on

   "Stars: Wonders of the world" we were able to add a worm game on second monochrome screen, as hexadecimal code of the executable

   of "Heaven" contains a part of my initials ("LC") as the final release of "The Cartoon Fish" contains my full initials ("LCF").

   One of the originality of "Heaven" was that the ASM code of "LC" was run at starting of the program. You can get an hexadecimal editor to

   observe that "LC" is really present at the starting of the .COM executable of "Heaven".

   You can get "Heaven" (a 4ko of 1995) on a full ASM 4Ko in 320x200 MCGA of old school.

   Stars : Wonder of the World

Old School ZIPs:

   "Cardiac Dentro" / Infiny

   "Cardiac" / Infiny

   "No" / Nooon

   "Heaven" / Nooon

   "Stars" / Nooon

   "Stars v2" / Nooon

   "Cob" / Nooon

   "Huge Crowd" / Nooon / Orange

   "UFO" / Nooon / Orange

   "NirthDay" / Nooon / Orange

Do you really want to know what I think ?


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