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Concept by Laurent Cancé F. (16.10.2006).

Consider thoses try in photography Art below, some based on my face.

      Black shirt Style             Prince of Persia Style             Sicilian Style       "Tu te mets le doigt dans l'oeil"       Mona in my arm             "Dark Knight" Style           Mona adopt Lisa                 Lucifer Style      

In theory, we can deduct that Pattern Recognition of faces is not cognitive, thinking about noteworthy difference between thoses pictures

(but also thoses from other web pages).

The deduction of this state, is equivalent to denote 3 characteristic elements, here.

3 elements that are obvious.

Note 1: The picture "Lucifer Style" is compound of 2 pictures that view angles are differents. The image "Mona adopte Lisa" is based on poor quality in obscurity.

Note 2: About computer application, most of algorithms, even "sublimed" to general state, it comes always a calculation of uncertainty or error.

Note 3: Also, in computer application, degradation methods or information loss are more valuable, sure enough, representation methods with quality loss are defined with error threshold.