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Me, LCF, althought I don't pratice, I present you a sport of my invention:

Certainly, sports are tiredness so here's the idea of a dividing by 3 of

the tennis ground and invent in that way : the hexagonal tennis !

the movements of player are shortly and with good rules integrating strategies to the

game, the hexagonal tennis is perfect, funny and get you in good health !

Les règles:

The player of hexagonal tennis who receive the ball must resend it to one of the other

six game camp except one in front considering the angles.

At his right or left.

The mark is based on the lost ball !

The circle drawn in the center of the hexagon have two enhancement.

First, it overcome the head-hit with the ball and we can imagine the rules considering the

obligation of send the ball over it, as completion of the fun of the game.

The winner is the one who have the least malus score in a set.

We can choose the number of move in a set about 6 multiple or 5 or 11

We have the distribution of disregard score when playing tennis...

Class the player and you have the game.

But, the better we have to play before fix the rule.

Other interest to the game is to make alliance with other players.

Note: The little guy drawn seems to be ants, but it must be as human player!