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Note about algorithms and decisions

(in the consideration of human thoughts)

Beginning of editing by Laurent Cancé F. (17.10.2006).

Relatively to historical, political and religious influences, the measuring of taking a decision is difficult in the state of choice of valuation. The psychological influence of various events relatively to the choosen subject and in order to various finalities lead essentially to valuation to past errors and the compensation with theories that have been set since.

Mathematicaly, even a symbolic on the notion of decision leads to a restriction on the set of states or choice, in the measurement where only errors are quantifiable. The reasonning of complementary enumeration orders, taking care of error notions relates about judgement faculty and so, decision.

In the political consideration, for example, the various choices can arise from minimization of errors, or a series of influences or measures aimed at avoiding all kind of repetition. Some wise saying, tell us that "history repeats" (1), error or fault implied is evident, and it's certitude that the form is in game when valuating situations; it implies the interest to a symbolic about choice or action notion. But error quantification come before in the consideration of choices that lead to.

In the consideration of work, the organisation or effective time is essential; remark the relativities between the relaxation pauses and the valuation considering knowledge and politic. We observe for example, that the recent stress at work notion, inducted without doubt by the modification of action or gestion system, particularly in relations between workers, from which it can be deduced the interest to observe recurrent errors considering (1) as always true.

In the field of solution research, the different factors, linked to competition, etc, and particularly to various forms of errors or failures relatively to protocols or cycles, in spite of permanent evolution (progress, innovation, ...), do not suffer to so many evolutions. We observe among other things, the notion of profitability in the process of conception of a product. The economic notion and mass distribution are implied as in the process of progress of different technologies, as far as the consideration of real innovations. So, the notion of velocity and differentiability are implied in the valuation of error.