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Note about the algoritmic of extended genealogy

by Laurent Cancé F. (10.02.2007).

Considering visual sense, the integral model would mean that each nervous cells of eye get all image seen. More, comparing to feline one, at same biological build, the brain get a derivated information. The object in movement principally.( from direct or intern )

Two proofs contribute to this hypothesis :

1. hunting mode of cats link to iris contraction.

2. the humans usually focal to static object and the brian part of reflexs link to quick movemement of the edge.

Then, Art is based of representation of a subject to a support; algorithms of painting are various and relation between pattern and subjects came from used method, but to from human brain.

Now, we know the capacity to human beings to search and learn new informations; comparing to a more genetic static model of the brain, come the idea a parallel to genetics to transpose to cognition of genetic.

Note 1: It's judicious to consider that senses can be upgraded !

Note 2: To approximation of pattern recognition, the evident application is the comparison of schemes on the filter model of derivates (cf. article précédent) (comparison of neural networks)